Industrial Designer

Ralph Daniel Celicourt

Industrial Design Alumni at Dawson College

Montreal, QC, Canda

"Industrial Design doesn't have to be expensive or complicated! It should be smart & user friendly"

About Me

My name is Ralph Daniel Celicourt. As a recent graduate from Dawson's industrial design program, I am seeking to grow into the proliferate designer that I have the potential to become. As a creative individual I enjoy the intricacies of the creative process and see an idea manifest into a product. I would love to be in the forefront of change and development of innovative concepts that improve the experience of everyday users while also minimizing their negative effects on the environment. My aspiration is to have a long impactful carrier in various designing fields that I am passionate about.

A go getter striving to learn the intricacies of product design and make an impact

I'm a devoted learner of design in the quest of making an impact in the world by bringing my love for creating together with the ability of making manufacturable products. My unique thinking outside the box approach allows me to come up with innovative solutions when tackling challenges.